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Yellow Structure

Encounters, Art Basel Hong Kong

24 - 26 March, 2016

Curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor 


The following text was first published online by Starkwhite Gallery, March 2016.


Artist Richard Maloy will present a large-scale sculpture in Encounters, the curated section of the 2016 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong. Yellow Structure is one of seventeen works selected by curator Alexie Glass-Kantor (also the director of Artspace Sydney) for this high-profile exhibition in the fair featuring art museum-scale projects that are beyond the scope of booth presentations. From a distance Yellow Structure appears to be a solid, monumental form – a golden rock-like sculpture that is formal and minimal in nature. It draws viewers in, where on closer inspection it reveals its humble, degradable construction of common industrial materials – cardboard, tape and paint. Some viewers will see it as playful, while others may find the apparently wonky construction unsettling. All visible structural components are wrapped in cardboard and painted so the entire piece, even the posts and struts, appear to be made of light-weight cardboard – a monumental mass with no apparent signs of support, that could collapse or fall apart. Some may reflect on the sculpture’s 'green’ agenda seen in the use of recyclable materials and nod to mankind's relationship with an increasingly precarious environment, while others again may respond to its formal properties and temporal nature and the way it engages and animates open space in the Encounters section of the art fair.

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