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Tree Hut

Headlands Sculpture on the Gulf, Auckland

23 January - 15 February, 2015 

The following text is an abstract from 2015 Headlands Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition catalogue.


Tree Hut is a site-specific artwork made over a weekend time frame working in response to its location and its island setting. Built near the remains of a tree house, Maloy constructed his, working with second-hand wood sourced locally from the Island. Located below the branches of a pohutukawa tree and the wild grass below, the work sits waiting for discovery and acts as a trigger for contemplative thought which in turn completes the work.  Maloy’s Tree Hut is the artist’s sixth in what has become an ongoing series, with each adding to the narrative and informing the next. His first was built from materials sourced from around Maloy's family home and exhibited at the Sue Crockford Gallery in 2004, where for a fee of $150 gallery visitors were able to stay overnight inside the work with the artist. The most recent hut was commissioned for Freedom Farmers at the Auckland Art Gallery in 2013, where Maloy made a large scale tree house working with left over materials sourced from within the Gallery.

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